Fruition Finance
Oracle meets Lending.

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Fruition Finance

Fruition Finance is an open-source decentralized protocol based on Ethereum. It supports the cross-chain of ERC20 assets with a cross-chain bridge, combined with a lossless liquidity mining mechanism and its own oracle data integration function. Fruition Finance is committed to creating a set of logic closed-loop distributed lending system. Its oracle function can provide users with unlimited verifiable computing power, and submit information to smart contracts in an encrypted manner, effectively helping users avoid impermanent losses and reduce sudden losses, thus playing a role in decentralized derivatives.

Users can lend and borrow cryptocurrencies by locking their assets in smart contracts to meet users' short-term funding needs while finding a way out for idle funds. It has three major advantages: short term, strong liquidity and low risk. The market positioning of Fruition Finance is to provide a global lending platform with oracle function for digital assets on the chain.

Project Features

Fast cross-chain bridging service

Providing liquid bridging services for decentralized applications (dApps) on the smart chain will be based on multi-chain interactions. Users can circulate and convert assets in various blockchain networks very conveniently and quickly, thereby improving performance and reduced operating costs, while also being able to meet the needs of various business scenarios.

Stable and safe

Fruition Finance uses the credit consensus mechanism to realize the second-level interval of the block, and builds the main network cross-chain assets on this basis, according to the mining and rewards and punishment mechanisms to ensure the ecological operation and improve the safety and stability of user funds while also providing the best user experience.

Oracle function

This is essentially a reputation system with a reward and punishment mechanism for mortgage tokens. By setting the three roles: data provider, data validator and arbitration node, it realizes the function of predicting market applications and supports the need for higher frequency access to off-chain data of smart contract business.

Mining mechanism with low risk rate

Investment mining is a relatively low-risk and stable income project in blockchain investment. Blockchain investment and hedging investment can sell currency to cash out legal currency directly in the bull market, and wait for the currency price to increase in the bear market.

Technical advantages

Decentralized solution

The centralized solution emphasizes the trust in the security of cryptography and achieves strict 100% security and transparent mapping. In the specific technical implementation plan, the chains are independent of each other and cannot establish a direct connection, so a communication bridge is needed. Fruition Finance is positioned as a decentralized value service network at the beginning of its design. Therefore, from network maintenance to cross-chain asset management, it adopts an open, multi-center mechanism to achieve the maximum guarantee of users' rights and assets.

Hash lock

Hash locking is an atomic swap technology. It implements asset locking and custody for both parties involved in the transaction through hash time lock. Its implementation mode requires strict participation procedures from both parties to be involved in the transaction, as well as strict time requirements for lock-in requirements, and end-to-end communication, with the two parties completing the transaction process, and the cross-chain assets are immediately atomically swapped. It is completely decentralized, safe, transparent, and does not require third party participation.

Light node type side chain relay

The light node refers to a verification method that can obtain safe and correct feedback by inputting a small amount of data and small computing resources. The application in the field of asset cross-chain is mainly realized by burying each other's light nodes between the two parties of the asset cross-chain, plus relay as a communication bridge for two-way notification. In the implementation of light nodes, the consensus verification algorithm consistent with the original chain is adopted to verify all block headers of the original chain, and verify data security through transaction roots and transaction signatures to achieve the highest level of security in the original chain.

Token distribution

The platform token launched by uses 80% of it for mining output. The entire mining mechanism operates through a distributed oracle protocol, which sets up three roles: data provider, data verifier, and arbitration node. The mining and rewards mechanisms ensure ecological operation.


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Development Requirements




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2021 Q1
  • - Publish the whitepaper for Fruition Finance's lending project and prepare related posts and status updates to promote activity
  • - Prepare to deploy a cross-chain decentralized lending agreement with the oracles on Okchain
  • - Establish community nodes to increase user participation and maintain community interests
2021 Q2
  • - Strengthen the oracle infrastructure and improve the goal to become a more streamlined and self-service process
  • - Quarterly assessment and forecast of market credit risk
  • - Internal setup and maintenance work
2021 Q3
  • - Launched an upgraded version of Fruition Finance to improve user experience
  • - Develop a verifiable random function (VRF) function on the chain
2021 Q4
  • - Recommended venues for public opening
  • - Quarterly assessment and forecast of market credit risk
  • - Develop testing and release programs, synthesis tools, etc. to increase compatibility
2022 Q1
  • - Release the upgraded version of the cross-chain bridge
  • - Enable the use of AI robots for protocol testing of insurance policies
  • - Open corporate partnership
2022 Q2
  • - Complex collateral control (call and liquidate collateral)
  • - Quarterly assessment and forecast of market credit risk
2022 Q3
  • - Release phased standard on-chain data set
2022 Q4
  • - Quarterly assessment and forecast of market credit risk